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Ways To Incorporate Greenery Into Your Home

As green spaces around the world are dwindling, more and more people are looking to bring the outdoors into their home. Incorporating greenery into your interior design have proven to be beneficial in more ways than one. Indoor plants purify the air and reduce stress. They also bring calm into the home and help in improving overall creativity. With all these benefits and more, it is easy to understand why houseplants are rising in popularity. So here are some interior design ideas to bring greenery into your home:

Potted Plants

The simplest way to incorporate greenery in your home is to bring in potted plants. From living rooms to work desks to bathrooms, there are hardly any living spaces in which a potted plant can’t work. There are a wide variety of plants available for homes. Before buying the plants, look into where you want to keep them and the sunlight and humidity of the space. When you shop for plants, look for plants that fit these requirements.

Green Wall

Relatively new to the scene, the green wall is popular in urban areas due to its practicality. A green wall contains multiple pockets of soil and substrate with plants. Once the plants grow out, these pockets end up hidden, creating the look of a plant filled wall. There are many companies that specialise in providing green walls, and these can even create patterns using the plants. These patterns work as an additional home decor element in the house.

Moss Wall

The latest in the indoor green movement, the moss wall uses preserved moss to bring greenery indoors. These panels of moss can be hung in almost any room, regardless of sunlight. As the moss is preserved, the maintenance required for them are from minimal to none. Moss walls can be used not just on your walls but in a variety of ways such as under a glass tabletop. The moss wall is preferred by people for its unique look in home design and ease of maintenance.

Air Plants

As the name suggests, air plants are plants that don’t need soil to grow in. Air plants are plants from the family Tillandsia, which consists of a variety of plants that thrive on air. These plants are therefore great home decor too as they can fill in all types of spaces. However, air plants do need water and sunlight. So as long as they get enough sun and an occasional spritz of water, they will thrive in your home.

Balcony Garden

If you do not prefer to keep plants indoors or need more space to grow your plants, then look into growing them in your balcony. As these spaces naturally receive more sunlight, it is easy to convert them into a garden. From trees to shrubs to flowering plants, a good choice is available for these areas. You can turn a balcony into a private garden and put up a green wall or even a small water feature, add seating to relax and read a book or spend time with your family.

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