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9 Minimalist Interior Design Tips for Your HDB Home

We live in a time where we’re constantly bombarded with many stimulants that drive us to buy more and want more. Interestingly, the overdose for material wealth may have a reverse effect on us. Instead of wanting to fill our houses with more, we aspire to declutter and live with the necessities. Welcome to the era of minimalist interior designs in Singapore.


Glance through your house. Take note of the items in every room. Ask yourself, do you really need these items? Or are you better off without them? The minimalist style empowers you to exercise restraint and pare down to the bare essentials. You’re forced to only live with essentials that deliver maximum utility.


The minimalist home interior design is mind-blowing, highly functional and extremely liberating. It’s the modern way of organised and clutter-free life.


That does not mean, you have to go with an extreme makeover. We’ve got nine effective tips for interior design in Singapore to help you transit to living like a true minimalist citizen.

Minimalist Interior Design Singapore | Blk115A_Alkaff_Cres

Minimalist Interior Design Tip #1: Less is More

A good photo always has good visual balance with the focus on an object; surrounded by vast space. Similarly, this applies to minimalist interior design for HDB and even private apartments. Treat your entire house as a huge canvass. You’ll want to focus the attention on key pieces that define the minimalist style of your home.  


Empty spaces take away any unwanted distraction. It helps guests to shift their focal point to the few items available. You’ve got the opportunity to make a deeper impact with the muted tones.

Minimalist Inteior Design Tip #2: Declutter

Like Marie Kondo will say, does it spark joy? If it doesn’t, then it’s time to get rid of them. Transiting to a minimalist home requires you to declutter.


You’ll have to cut out your display items on the shelves. Stick to only what you need, and the rest is well tucked away. Even in the kitchen, you don’t need that many condiments or cutleries; especially if you don’t cook. Stick with the essentials.

Minimalist Interior Design HDB

Minimalist Interior Design Tip #3: Restrained Colours Are Your New Go-To

Light colours are your new best friend. Colours like white, neutral greys and pastels are foundational to minimalist living. It doesn’t have to be your walls, even your furniture can come from the same colour palette. Something classy like the marble dinner table enhances the sophistication of your home.


You’re still free to add a few doses of brighter colours. However, we suggest limiting the dosage. You won’t want to have a myriad of colours screaming back at you at the end of the day.

Minimalist Interior Design Tip #4: Exploring Patterns in Small Bites

Patterns are few or done away in minimalist homes. If you’re inexperienced, it may disrupt the entire style. However, if you’re a fan of patterns, we encourage only using it only on a small scale or with an unobtrusive pattern.

With prints, treat it like your accent decorative. Prints on curtains or throw pillows stand out in empty space; giving room for appreciation. One object you can’t go wrong with is a patterned carpet. It breaks the room away from the monotony.

Minimalist Interior Design Tip #5: Accent Decorations

A minimalist home doesn’t equate to zero decorations and dull colours. The rule to follow is to use accent decorations that enhance the look. For instance, choose one focal piece of artwork as compared to a collection of small paintings. It shouldn’t overwhelm your house with a tidal wave of items.


This can be relevant for minimalist interior design for HDB; where the new units are small. You don’t want to be suffocated by the items in your room.

Modern Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalist Interior Design Tip #6: Create Space for Natural Light

The minimalist style won’t reach its apex without natural light filling the house. Bare windows best allow for such a setting.


If you’re concerned about privacy, simply enlist the help of the thinnest curtain materials or blinds. It won’t detract you from your minimalist living.  Sheer curtains are appropriate to welcome the sunlight and brightening your space. This is where your focal furniture or art piece will shine their best. Certainly, less is more.

Minimalist Interior Design Tip #7: Defined Line Clarity

Don’t know what furniture complements your new home? Minimalist furniture commonly has defined lines, curves, and flat surfaces.


Cabinet handles can be jarring and inconvenient to maneuver around. The lack of them in minimalist furniture can be soothing to the eye. Apart from being a visual galore, it’s also practical for storage and movement.

Minimalist Home Design | Blk115A_Alkaff_Cres

Minimalist Interior Design Tip #8: Play with textures

Minimalist can be multifaceted by playing with different textures. Tonal textiles and fabrics can tell a different story with its warmth and richness in contrast to the pastel walls.


By adding in jasper hardwood flooring, you can add another textural layer to your living room. A multitude of textures, when well played, won’t compete against each other. Rather, it brings out the unique intricacy that is your personal flair.

Minimalist Interior Design Tip #9: The Law of Simple

Ordinary objects can accomplish extraordinary things. Colourful sofa pillows in a muted room will draw your attention. When paired with a neutral or white backdrop, simple objects stand out. You’ll learn to appreciate its features. Also, minimalist decoration makes the upkeep easier.


These are just some ground rules of minimalist interior design. They’re meant to help you find your way into minimalist living. After you’ve gotten the hang of it, experiment with different styles (e.g. modern, comfortable or industrial minimalism) and find your unique blend.


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