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7 Characteristics of Scandinavian Interior Design for Your HDB

In a world of excess today, people opt for the simplest form of living – the minimalist lifestyle. Your furniture is often a by-product of the minimalist style Did you know what’s now known as minimalist originated from the Scandinavian culture?

The Scandinavian style interior design hailed from these North European countries: Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. The Scandinavian style thrived in its golden era from the 1930s to 1970s. Its selling point – the simple ways of living.

Inspired by their culture, Nordic designers developed pieces that promote functionality, sustainability, and beauty. These pieces were accessible and affordable to people from all walks of life.

Later on, the Scandinavian interior design got popularized more recently by furniture mogul, Ikea. Almost every homeowner would have browsed through one of their signature catalogues. Its practicality became a draw for homeowners especially when you’re limited in space.

Characteristics of Scandinavian Interior Design


Traditional Scandinavian homes are traditionally located in the mountainous regions. They don’t have much flat land to build wide. Hence, they’re often small and leave little space for storage. Naturally, the minimalist utilitarian feature helps facilitate their daily living.

This trait has since been adapted into Scandinavian interior design and applied to larger homes. The focus is placed on the delicate balance between functionality and beauty. If you’re into a fuss-free and classy design, the minimalist style would suffice with a few pieces to set the look.

1 living.png


We’ve noticed with Scandinavian interior designs in Singapore, they always include wood elements at various corners of the house. Lighter woods are generally recommended as it exudes a chill vibe. You can include built-in wooden cupboards with a grainy look and rough edges.

It’s always good to have more natural elements in your house. It gives a favourable contrast to the concrete jungle we’re constantly surrounded by.

2 dining.png


Scandinavians love nature! They’re surrounded by it their entire life. Imagine being surrounded by luscious green forests and the grandeur of snowy mountains. What can be more stimulating than nature itself?

Thus, the Scandinavian living often incorporates outdoor elements in their homes with live plants and their garden.

You may not be able to plant a garden. Nonetheless, you can include nature. Get some potted plants for your study table or by your window isle life to any room in your home. Some greenery can break the monotony of white and grey.



In Northern Europe, it can be extremely depressing with the prolonged periods of darkness (polar nights). Scandinavians will take any opportunity to enjoy natural light. Hence, their houses are designed for the entry of natural light.

It’s good to have natural light elements as it brightens your room. Thankfully, on our sunny island, we have tons of that to go around. Some of the best Scandinavian interior designs in Singapore always incorporate sheers. It enhances the look by letting light in without being too glaring.



Scandinavian homes are uncomplicated in their colour matching. The colour palette normally consists of up to 4 neutral shades. We’re looking at whites and off-grey colours. That’s right, it’s not as vibrant as your typical Asian colours.

What good do muted colours do? Coupled with natural light, these plain colours bring your home to life with the visual illusion of space and class. Brighter spaces also lead to happier and more relaxed people.  Something that every Singaporean needs. A destressing environment!



Textiles are a good alternative to break away from the monotony. Textiles bring an added texture and warmth to the room. Here’s some ideas for textiles you like to consider:

  • curtains

  • bed linens

  • throw pillows

  • sofa covers

  • carpets

  • towels

  • beanbags


If you’re into décor, you can consider hanging paintings, illustrations or displaying pottery to complement the overall look. They can be more colourful and vibrant in their appearance. The contrast is always welcome. You don’t want your house to resemble a prison with pure white or grey.

Keep in mind that there shouldn’t be too many decors to follow the minimalistic and clutter-free characteristics of Scandinavian living. Neither will you want elaborate or outlandish designs. Overpowering design elements can disrupt the desired minimalist look of your apartment.

2 living.jpg

What’s Next?

The Scandinavian theme’s appeal to homeowners of all ages. The older homeowners love simplicity and functionality. The millennial homeowners adore the minimalistic Insta-worthy look everyone desire for. If you’re still unsure about where to start, contact us to kickstart the process!

Looking to achieve a Scandinavian look for your home? Browse our featured Scandinavian interior design ideas here to create a space you love!

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