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  • What is YallowBox?
    YallowBox is Singapore's first ever bespoke matching renovation portal, committed to matching homeowners with their most suitable interior designer in Singapore.
  • What is bespoke matching?
    Bespoke matching is an effective, tailor-made matching strategy that is uniquely adopted by YallowBox. Homeowners can share their specific requirements and features with us. From there, YallowBox will match the homeowners with their suitable IDs based on detailed requirements made by the homeowner.
  • Why should I use YallowBox?
    Finding Interior Designers can be quite tedious and time consuming as homeowners struggle with finding the right ID. Here at YallowBox, we can free you from the hassle of searching for the most suitable ID. We will match you with the ones that best fit your requirements, saving you from any unnecessary work. Best of all, it is FREE for homeowners who seek our services!
  • What makes YallowBox different from other renovation portals?
    YallowBox offers you with Bespoke matching, where you can state your specific requirements, concerns, viewpoints, and additional special features to our IDs. E.g. Eco-friendly or safe environment for elders and/or juniors living in the house.
  • How can YallowBox gurantee the quality and service from the Interior Design firms?
    To ensure reliability from our partnered Interior Designers, we will do background checks etcetera before commencing partnership and recommending them to homeowners.
  • What perks do I enjoy for using YallowBox?
    Not only are our services free, homeowners are entilted to a $30 NTUC gift voucher if they meet up with 3 or more Interior Designers. Furthermore, homeowner can redeem for YallowGift if you sign up a renovation project of minimum $20,000 in value with any one of our participating Designer. While stock last. Terms & Conditions Apply.
  • Is the service for YallowBox free?
    Yes our service is free for homeowners looking for services from interior design companies.
  • How long before YallowBox will contact me after submitting my request for renovation?
    We will contact you within 2 working days from the time we receive your request.
  • How will YallowBox choose the ideal Interior Design company for me?
    We will match you based on your requirements, estimated budget and location. This ensures that your renovation journey will be smooth, convenient, and hassle-free till the end.
  • How many IDs will I be recommended?
    You will be recommended an average of 5 Singapore Interior Design companies.
  • Can I submit a request if my key collection is more than 6 months away?
    You may submit your request to us even if your key collection is beyond 6 months. However, we may not link you up with any IDs at the moment due to the extended house key collection period. Do let us know your key collection period and we will re-engage with you again when approaching 6 months to your key collection.
  • Will the renovation cost be more expensive if I use YallowBox?
    Looking for your ID through YallowBox will not increase your renovation cost as the proposal is submitted to you directly by each individual interior designer. We do not take commissions from the IDs should you choose to engage them.
  • If my renovation budget is low, will I be limited to fewer interior designers?"
    As long as your budget fulfills our minimum amount for renovation projects, your choices will not be affected.
  • Can I still submit my request if my budget is below the minimum SGD$10,000?"
    As interior design companies generally cater to larger project scopes, it will, unfortunately, be inefficient for them to take up projects which are too small. Hence, we do not encourage homeowners with small partial requirements to use our platform.
  • Can YallowBox fix appointments for me with selected IDs?
    Yes. Our customer service officers will contact you for verification upon receiving your request and fix appointments for you with the IDs if so required.
  • What is the renovation journey I would expect after submitting my enquiry?
    We will be calling you for verification within 2 working days to find out your requirements for the renovation, allowing us to bespoke match you with your most suitable IDs. The IDs would then contact you to arrange for appointments afterwards. Upon the first discussion, the ID will work out the design proposal and quotation. You can compare with other IDs before making the final decision. After a month, YallowBox will contact you for feedback on the IDs.
  • How long on average will the entire renovation project take?
    Depending on the size of your house and the scope of your renovation, on average, it will take between 8 - 15 weeks in the current Covid-19 situation.
  • Is it compulsory to choose any one of the interior design companies recommended by YallowBox?
    No, there is no obligation for you to engage any of our recommended interior designers even after meeting up with them.
  • What do I expect upon meeting my chosen Interior Designer?
    Your chosen ID will propose the design layout and suggest suitable materials or features for your home renovation. At the same time, IDs will also advice on the pricing and provide you a non-obligatory quotation.
  • Do I need to meet up with all reccommended IDs by YallowBox?
    You are encouraged but not required to meet up with all the recommended IDs. However, we provide homeowner a $30 NTUC voucher if you meet up with three or more of our recommended IDs
  • How do I claim my $30 NTUC voucher?
    You can claim your voucher upon meeting up with at least 3 or more of our recommended IDs and filling up this form YallowBox will mail you the gift voucher upon succesful verification.
  • How do I redeem YallowGift?
    Just go to this url : Fill up the form and perform the required actions. Remember to obtain the Redemption Code from your designer! We will verify your entry and send you the redemption instruction right after that!
  • What is the difference between IDs and contractors
    IDs work with homeowners to understand your requirements and offer professional advice, interior design ideas, and project execution. Contractors only follow strictly to the instructions of homeowners for a particular job and do not provide project management services or interior design concepts.
  • Can I find contractors from YallowBox?
    Our portal does not cater to contractors at the current moment.
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