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6 Proven Design Methods to Perfectly Blend Wood and Metal in Your Home

Do you like industrial styled designs? Blending wood and metal has been a tactic trending in popularity. The raw and rugged unfinished look has become a popular choice for homeowners. By mixing wood and metal together, you can create a striking industrial design of the old and the new.


Showcasing neutral tones, leaving an open layout, and mixing wood and metal is included.

If you’re living in an urban environment, and hoping to redo your home then this is your suitable style. But most homeowners end up with disappointing results or frustrations as they fail to create a truly outstanding industrial style that fits their likings.

To prevent you from falling into that hole, here are 6 functionable design ways to effectively create that bold industrial style by blending wood and metal.


Image Source: Zenith Arc

Highlight Exposed Pipes


This is one of the most surprising and jaw-dropping ways you can achieve that industrial design. Traditionally, pipes are concealed and hidden. Exposing them is often viewed as unsightly and shameful for the homeowner. But doing so is now a crucial part of the ‘unfinished’ raw look that the industrial design needs. So expose the pipes and ducts to blend the metal of those materials with the space, creating a powerful contrast and attractive design.


Image Source: The Interior Lab

 An Open Layout


An open layout is perfectly ideal for an industrial design, where space is plentiful to reduce clutter and maximize efficiency. Consider choosing practical furniture pieces and appliances as the industrial design favors the practical, while having an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the viewer.

Combine Wood and Metal


While both materials are quite contrasting, combining furniture of metal and wood gives your home a unique juxtaposition. The effect of mixing the old with the new gives creates a bold rugged design. Consider weathered down wooden pieces rather than newer ones, like unfinished furniture. Prefer newer furniture? Then you can choose to weather the material at home.


An antique brushed or oiled finish for metal furniture can bring along a strong vintage feel. Enjoy a more modern slick look? Polished chrome can offer you that smooth satisfying design. And if you think metal furniture are hard and cold, opt for comfortable metal bar tables and stools that enhance the modern industrial feel in your home. While at the same time offering comfy and relaxing vibes.

Include Industrial Accessories


If you like the concept of mixing the old with the new in industrial designs, vintage furniture should be your choice. Find these antique-like furniture by shopping on online platforms, you can find old pieces of wood and metal.

Want that vintage feel? Consider furniture inspired by old labs and factory parts. Adding that vintage feel to your design is difficult, most homeowners fail to find the right furniture. But anything that’s made from unfinished wood or metal would contribute to the industrial design.

A Travel Back in Time


Taking a step to the olden days is a part of the industrial design. So finding industrial accessories can make your home look like a stylish factory. Vintage photographs, old vases, or light featuring Edison’s bulbs can really take you back in time. Artistic and cute pieces of art work can also be included to prevent any dullness in the design. At the same time, adding pieces of art can also enhance the vintage industrial vibes.


Reminiscing the past is a staple of the industrial design. We can enjoy the antique beauty of the industrial era and the efficiency and practicality of the modern age. The industrial design offers many different styles, so choose the style that fits your liking and needs. It doesn’t matter if you live in a huge city apartment, the industrial style is suitable for all household types!


Image Source: Zenith Arc

Image Source: Ula Burgiel

Neutral colors


If you’re familiar with the Shabby chic design, you’ll know that starting out with a neutral colour is crucial to creating the industrial design. If you hope to give your home a spotless clean look, while remaining inviting and warm, light shades of brown can be considered. While these should be your base colours, blend them nicely with other neutral shades. Remember to stay away from bold colors like black or white.


Exposing brick, wood, stone, and other natural materials is also a key component of the industrial design. These neutral tones create a more relaxing and inviting atmosphere rather than an explosion of energy. So if you enjoy a slower paces and peaceful toned style, the industrial design is just right for you.


Image Source: The Interior Lab

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