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3 Basics You Must Know for Modern Home Interior Design in Singapore

Home interior design Singapore

An excellent home interior design in Singapore goes beyond aesthetics and creates a comforting and functional living environment. It is key to incorporate elements tailored to your preferences so that your space reflects your style and evokes feelings of warmth. Whether you are renovating your current house or designing a new one, modern interior design in Singapore can be challenging. To help you embark on your home interior design journey, here are 3 essential basics to help you create a beautiful and functional living space.

Decide on the Theme

The first step in any home interior design project in Singapore is to decide on the overall theme. A theme sets the desired tone and style of your home and helps you achieve a cohesive and harmonious look in your space. Explore different design styles such as minimalist, Scandinavian, modern contemporary, vintage, or bohemianism, and discover what you truly envision for your haven. Once you have identified a theme, it simplifies the curation process of other design elements and ensures a seamless aesthetic throughout your home.

To better understand your preferences and explore the vast possibilities in interior design for your home, it is recommended to engage an interior designer to guide you in selecting a theme that aligns with your taste and lifestyle. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of choices, you could tap into their expertise and benefit from their abilities to create a practical and personalised design plan.

Layout and Furniture

Another key step in designing your home would be to assess your existing space and specific room capacity to effectively plan the layout of your home. Each furniture and design element should be arranged thoughtfully to maximise the flow and functionality of the space. Considering Singapore’s tropical climate, it would be good to include elements that improve ventilation, regulate sunlight, and resist moisture.

Next, in selecting the right furniture, it is recommended to consider its dimensions, style, functionality, quality, and budget. To optimise the limited living space in Singapore, you can opt for smaller-scale, multi-functional furniture. This will ensure that your home looks stylish while also being practical and comfortable.

Colour Scheme

The colour scheme sets the overall mood and ambience of your home. Once you’ve chosen a backdrop colour for your design, it is ideal to generate a colour palette to guide the curation of other design elements, ensuring a cohesive aesthetic throughout your home.

Lighter colours help to create an illusion of a larger space, making it ideal for smaller apartments and compact spaces. On the other hand, darker colours exude more depth and tend to absorb more light, which can create a cosy and intimate atmosphere. When deciding on your desired colours, it is essential to consider the feelings and atmosphere you want each room to evoke. Each colour should be purposefully chosen to enhance the overall aesthetic and result in a visually appealing design.

Get Started!

Designing your dream house is an exciting endeavour that requires meticulous planning and execution. It can be a daunting and overwhelming task, especially if you have no prior experience. Consulting a professional interior designer who specialises in modern home interior design in Singapore can offer you creative insights and practical solutions catered to your needs.

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