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Tips to Create That Minimalist Home You've Always wanted

Are you the one who sometimes feel bored and can't find the reason? Daily stress, as well as emotional accumulation as you throw into the cause, in fact, only physical things to accumulate, to be more, may be due to having more. It is at this point that we would like to introduce you to the movement of minimalism, which may remedy your boredom.

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is peace from simplicity. In fact, the process of removing unnecessary, purposeless things from your life to a more organized and quality life is called minimalism. Minimalist style that interacts with many areas from classical music to home decoration can actually make you more peaceful & clutter free by making small changes in your lifestyle. Let's talk about how minimalism is applied in home design.

How Should you create a Minimalist Home?

So far, we have tried to give you some tips on how to apply minimalism in your life in general. In this part of our content, we will show you tips on how to implement minimalism in your homes, where you spend most of your life.


In order to achieve minimalist home decoration, the house must be integrated with the wall paints, furniture and spirit. Therefore, you can first decide what kind of home decoration you want and combine this decoration style with minimalism.  


Once you have determined your style, it will be beneficial for your integrity to create your decoration elements by selecting 2-3 color tones that are appropriate for that style. For example;

Cappuccino color , ice white color and cloud color and grey. You can choose from a variety of harmonious shades such as cotton candy color, grey and white.

Wall Paint

When it comes to minimalism, the first thing that comes to mind as wall paint is white and light tones like grey. If you prefer this kind of wall paint colors, your home will create a more spacious perception and eliminate the feeling of congestion.


Of course, simplicity is the heart of minimalism. However, you do not need to get rid of everything until you have 2-3 items left in your home. You can only avoid using too many unused items, over-glitter chandeliers and curtains, and combining many eye-catching patterns. Sometimes it is unstable between two very good things to try to use both can lead you to very overwhelming designs. Don't do this, choose one.


You must maintain the continuity of a pattern or shape by using harmonious geometries together for integrity in decoration. Geometry always adds a Minimalist touch to the space. For example, if your armchairs have rounded lines for minimalist decoration in the living room, other furniture in the hall such as a coffee table, TV unit should have rounded lines and different shades of similar colors.


Spacious houses are not too difficult to show space. However, when it comes to tiny houses, a little more effort and thinking is needed. The application of minimalism in small houses makes your house more spacious and you hit two birds with a stone. To do this, instead of overly large, luxurious and coarse furniture, more elegant, polite, fine lines and simple furniture will be preferred. For example, the use of metal, glossy kitchen cabinets or glossy tile floor coverings for minimalist decoration in the kitchen will make your kitchen better reflect the light and thus make it look wider and clearer.


Appliances & furniture is what make the house home. Some items may look very cute on their own, but when combined with some items like it, they can cause a complex look. This complexity can be a conflict with the minimalist home decoration and makes you feel uneasy. Therefore, when buying a new decorative element, the color, shape and spirit of what you want to get Make sure it is in a suitable style. In addition to decorative elements, the details of large furniture are also very important. Instead of using a combination of carved, embroidered and patterned furniture, you can choose the detail you like the most and choose other furniture that is simpler.

Serenity Corners

Create cozy corners specially in cold and rainy weather, there are resting points where you enjoy sitting in your cozy home, sipping your coffee, reading books, listening to music or just thinking and listening to the sound of the rain. Choosing these corners on the edge of the glass, decorating with flowers or a table you enjoy looking at, creating an air integrated with nature will add peace to your peace. Spending time with yourself is one of the main goals of minimalism.

Avoiding Redundancy

Do not get excessive and unnecessary items. For example, you can use simple and Minimalist furniture and wall paints with neutral colors for minimalist decoration in the bedroom. For a healthy sleep, it is enough to have a relaxing decoration, that is to say, to have space, wide and as much as necessary. You can have a minimalist bedroom with a wall in light gray tones, a bed that is not overly large, a bright white cabinet, a single dark carpet.

Let’s talk about Minimalist Décor room wise:

Minimalist Decor the living room

Minimalism is the peace of mind in question! Low-design, light-colored furniture and rugs with geometric patterned carpets are your biggest helpers in this direction. White, beige, light gray tones like your walls can also increase this effect, of course. Moreover, Minimalism style is that gives you freedom in products for lighting. You can take advantage of many lighting products in your living room, such as spot and wall light, or in other areas where you apply this style of decoration in your home. You can even choose the classic style of your chandeliers. This choice will give a distinctive feeling to your living room!

Minimalism in the dining room

We are sure that the meal times will be both pleasant and peaceful if you decide to apply Minimalism in the dining room! We would like to point out the source of this good news: in the dining room you don't need much Minimalism. This means lightness comfort! It is enough to decorate the dining room with the dining table, chairs and a console. There are definitely stalactites chandeliers among the Minimalist home decor accessories in the dining room! The most remarkable object in the dining room can be a chandelier that goes down to your table. You can also hang on the wall a large table and simply lean on it to complete the decoration of the dining room.

Minimalist bedroom decoration

A low bed, stylish chandeliers with Minimalist design, light walls... Yes, these are the elements that exist in Minimalism; but they are not enough on their own! If it's a Minimalist bedroom decor, you're going to need a few touches! You can paint your bedside table wall in a different color, for example, or cover it with a wallpaper that matches your decor.

In kitchen decoration

If you want to spend more time in the kitchen! Applications for Minimalist kitchen decoration are usually used in one color. Additionally, built-in sets match this minimalist style perfectly. You can select the chairs with metal legs if you have room to put tables and chairs in your kitchen. If you wish, you can also color your kitchen with flowers on the counter.

In the bathroom

The bath mats with geometric pattern can be selected to apply Minimalism in the bathroom. Furthermore, choosing Minimalist-design bathroom accessories is enough for you to use this decoration in your bathroom.

In this content, we tried to answer the questions of what is minimalism, what is not, how to be minimalist and how to apply minimalism in home design & decor. We hope that we have been able to provide useful ideas about minimalism that can make your soul more serene and make your life happier. 

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