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How You Can Turn a Small Crammed Bedroom into a Cozy Functionable One

Limitation, it’s only your imagination.

Living in a small stuffy bedroom is an uncomfortable situation.

You’ll have to sacrifice the chance to include designs of your liking because of the tiny bedroom.

And did you know, living in a dull stuffy bedroom can affect your sleeping habits and behaviors?

So, what can you do about it?

Follow these 10 proven tips to get that stylish practical bedroom, and a good night sleep!

1. Simplicity at its best

Having very limited space to work with might seem daunting. So here’s the simplest solution.

Go with a simple layout of your bedroom. The key to functionality in a crammed space is to have sufficient area to move. Placing your bed on one corner will give you much space to move around. Consider placing it at the center of the wall, now you’ll have space to install other furniture and move around with ease.

Image Credit: The Interior Lab

2. Less is more

You’ve chosen a huge silky bed, a fat durable wardrobe, a sleek lamp…But remember, you don’t want to be sleeping in a storeroom.

Trading furniture for breathing space makes your bedroom so much more functionable.

Prioritise the main essentials like the bed, and maybe a table.

Let the remaining area be free for you to walk around, it reduces that stuffy claustrophobic feeling.

Image Credit: Dots 'N' Tots Interior

3. Mother nature’s free lighting

Nothing feels greater than letting the warm refreshing morning sun into your room.

If you have a window or a source of sunlight, leave it open so Mother Nature can light your room up.

Artificial lights like lamps or pendants can be your second option.

But before you head down to the store, consider your preferred ambience and tone so you can decide which style of lighting suits you the best.

Image Credit: InnerSpace Design

4. Be dynamic

One very effective and easy way to free up space is to replace table lamps with wall mounted torches. It rewards you with a wider free area because it won’t be occupied by lamps.

Even for mini nightstands, wall mounted lights will save space and give you that warm cozy ambience.

5. Tricking your brain

Virtual illusions are a great tool for wowing others, but how about designing? Here’s how you remove that stuffy feel with a touch of magic.

Hanging curtains and drapery close to the ceiling creates a powerful illusion of a larger and spacious room.

Consider curtains of lighter shades to keep your room cool on a hot day. Sun rays will bounce off from the light colours so you won’t be roasted inside.

Image Credit: Pinterest

6. Environmentally friendly

Being alone in a tiny room can get a little lonely at times. So why not include a roommate?

Including your favourite planter in a corner can really uplift your mood after a long tiring day.

Plants can also absorb unhealthy gases through their pores so you can have a good night rest, while rewarding you with a touch of décor at the same time.

Image Credit: House Beautiful

7. Secret compartments

Do you have tons of clothes and accessories? Worried to clutter your bedroom with cabinets and wardrobes? Here’s the solution for you.

Concealed storages in furniture have become an effective way to manage space.

Hidden drawers and storage areas can be included under the bed, below the table, and at corners of your room.

One way is to use elevated platforms with hidden compartments. It makes it less obvious and at the same time offers a convenient effective way of storing items.

Image Credit: Extra Space Storage

8. A rugged design

Aside from the walls, the floor can play a part in style as well. Consider adding a rug with a comfortable texture to add a warm tone into your room. Choosing a rug that suits and blends in with the ambience of your room can seriously uplift the atmosphere. Also, if you enjoy a more striking look, a rug with contrasting colours to your room can be a suitable choice.

Image Credit: Pinterest

9. There are no monsters under the bed

As the subheading said, they’re no monsters under your bed. But you can consider adding a storage under your bed.

Platform beds serve as an effective and simple solution for storing accessories or even clothing. A platform bed and one with hydraulic storage can be your best friend if you’re looking to store items without installing another fat wardrobe.

Furthermore, a bed with lower shelves or a platform can be a comfortable sleep at night and a spacious storage system.

Image Credit: Zenith Arc

10. One furniture, two uses

Another highly effective way to conserve space would be with integrated furniture.

For example, a platform bed with an attached study table would be a work of genius.

Sleep, work, and store, all in one.

Hidden storages below desks or platforms can further maximise the area you have to store your things.

So, if your bedroom is too small for massive wardrobes, then consider using integrated furniture so you won’t be living in an overcrowded stuffy room.

Article by JoC

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