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Here’s What You Might Face in Your Renovation Journey in 2021 and What You Can Do About It

2020. A year corroded with an infectious virus leaving destroyed economies, massive losses, and long periods of isolation. And with the final days of this year of problems, we are simply all glad that 2021, a new beginning, is on its way.

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Anxious or unsure of what to expect in your renovation journey during the new year? With the new year, there are new problems, and that’s why we are here to provide new solutions!

From a survey, an average of 47.8% of homeowners are unsure of how to deal or overcome these challenges that we will mention, but through reading this article, you will soon be the 52.2% of successful homeowners.

These are things to look out for, to help you avoid these challenges and make correct decisions.

So let’s get started.

1. Wise choices

Now before you rush off to find your perfect interior designing firm, consider this extremely critical point that might save you from losing money.

From all the pressure and stress placed on the business by this dreadful pandemic, times are uncertain and your designing firm might collapse from the pandemic.

The point is how then can we minimise our risk? We highly suggest using accredited businesses. Why so?

Because if you’re looking to take the most reliable, assuring, and effective way to ensure that the amount you spent is worth, then accredited designing firms are your friend.

You will be able to claim back any unconsumed prepayments if the business were to come to a halt.

These accredited businesses have purchased a deposit performance bond, you can be assured that any deposits or payments will be safeguarded if your designing firm were to crumble.

One such example would be designing firms accredited under CaseTrust.

It really makes you more comfortable when you have the option to claim back any unused proportion of the prepayment made. Especially in the current climate.

So, if you hope to invest confidently and comfortably in your renovation journey, choosing an accredited business is the solution for you.

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2. The early bird gets the worm

Timing is key here. The pandemic has pressured designing firms, disrupted the supply chain, resulting in productivity to decrease. But we have an effective and practical solution just for you to avoid any future frustrations!

If you’re in the midst of planning to renovate your house, then this step is extremely critical for you.

Why? Because your renovation journey will require a longer period of time as strict social distancing measures have halved the number of workers at work.

A simple four room flat that once took ten weeks might just take fifteen to twenty weeks.

Our advice to you is to prepare and start your renovation journey as early as possible.

As such, catering for a longer period of time for your renovation is also essential.

For example, many people would consider moving into their new home two months after getting the keys.

But you might have to consider moving into your new home four to six months upon getting the keys because of the long period of renovation. In that case, you’ll have to cater for more time in your plan to finally move into your home.

So stop saying ‘tomorrow’, or procrastinating, start investing in your designing firm to be certain that you can move into your new cozy home shortly!

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3. More spending

With the pandemic, economies and industries all over the world have crashed and suffered from low revenue or profit, due to an increase in labour, material, and shipment cost.

As a homeowner, don’t be appalled if designing firms have increased their prices by 30%-50%.

So what should you do if you intend to stick to your renovation budget, and yet receive reliable designing services?

Lucky for you, there are designers out there who still provide services for their usual prices. It would be extremely beneficial for you to research and saturate designing firms that offer exorbitant prices from those that offer cheaper services. Time consuming? Yes. But you’ll get the best chance of avoiding a costly service that isn’t worth the price you paid for.

Another critical point to consider that might reduce the hustle of finding an ID with the right price would be starting early.

As times are uncertain, it is only a matter of time before more and more designing firms increase their prices to make ends meet. So secure an affordable deal with your designing firm early before an increase of price might occur.

Who knows when you will wake up one day to expensive designing services? It will be good to find the perfect ID for yourself.

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Article by JoC

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