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5 Best HDB Interior Design Ideas (Singapore)

Everyone’s excited to design their own home. However, it’s not always as straightforward. A good HDB interior design idea consists of style and functionality. Without which, it’s quite impractical especially when living in Singapore.

Like every Singaporean, you want it all. While you may not have the luxury of space to house a grand design, you don’t want a simple, functional house either. Here are 5 best HDB interior designs that will give you both.

1. Pop Up Colours

Take a trip back to the 50s with Andy Warhol influenced pop art culture. If you’re into the retro classics, you’ll like pop art style HDB interior design. An HDB does not have to be plain and dull. You can transform it into your masterpiece.

By using bright coloured paintings and furniture to contrast against your ordinary white walls, you’ll find a fresh look, unlike most modern interior designs. Your house lights up with vibrancy when the natural light hits off your walls and furniture.

This design is suitable for those of you who have got a bright personality.

2. Wrap Around Comfort

Cosiness is the theme for millennials who like to ‘lepak’. All you want is to Netflix and chill over the weekend and have some friends over for dinner.

Get to wrap your entire HDB home in comfort with full-length textured feature walls and a set of sofa furniture. Complement it with a side of plants and vibrant pouffe cushion to contrast the textured background.

Add on some warm LED lights and drilled-on shelves for convenience. Now you’ve everything within an arm’s reach. It’ll look pleasing to the eye and cosy enough to snuggle up to for the night without leaving your comfort zone.

3. An Open-Concept Kitchen

Traditional HDB interior design in Singapore would retain the separation of a kitchen and living room. However, in a bid to maximize space, modern ID is removing the partition.

HDB units can be small due to limited land. You can merge these spaces into a room full of life and interaction. You encourage interaction between those in the living room and those in the kitchen.

Remember that you still want to go for a cohesive look for your kitchen and living room. If not, it’ll look like two separate designs smashed into one. Ensure that flooring and furniture style matches the overall tone of the house.

4. Extended Living Room

The balcony is often space most underutilised by homeowners. Did you know that you can extend your living room area? When you level your balcony with your living room, you’ve got much more space to work with.

For those with balconies, you can standardise the design style by opting for the same type of flooring or wooden panels that extend outwards. Viola! You now have a larger room visually and greater space for physical interaction.

Other alternative includes knocking off the doors and walls of your room and replace it with glass or mirror partitions. That way, you have one huge space if you open up all the partitions.

Now you won’t feel bad to leave your guests hanging at the balcony. It’ll provide the same level of comfort as your living room.

5. The Industrial Hang-up

If you’re a sports enthusiast or an avid climber, this next one will the best HDB interior design idea for you. With most sports activities, there are tons of equipment. The industrial design creates space in your house to hang up precious gear like bicycles or mountain climbing gear that you can take on the go.

You can contrast your equipment with an industrial backdrop or a classic British brick wall. Your gears become a part of your design. It’s convenience and neat design wrapped into one.

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