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Do You Need a False Ceiling? Here's What You Have to Know

Here are 8 eye-raising truths that you probably don’t know about false ceilings.

If you’re looking into the minimalistic home design style, or simply find exposed wires and pipes unsightly…then you’ll likely choose to have false ceilings. Unless you prefer to have slender wires or fat pipes crawling visibly across your ceiling.

Yet many homeowners fail to spot the invisible but costly mistakes false ceilings can bring, or the hidden benefits that most don’t know about. So keep reading to get a practical and inviting home design with these hidden pros and cons regarding false ceilings.

1. More bright choices

Using the same lighting choice is boring and way too simple. No more limitations for you if you hope to fill your room with different light options! Just imagine filling up your room with cove lights or even recessed ones to create that cozy ambience you desire! Feel free to brighten up the atmosphere anyhow you like and desire with false ceilings.

Interested in a modern and contemporary look? Recessed lights and downlights will give you that warm simple hue that you like! Because it brightens up your space while keeping the rest of the fixture hidden from sight, the homely glow is right there.

Image Credit: Zenith Arc

2. Pay less for the same amazing results

What if you could invest lesser, and yet have the same spectacular outcome? As a cheaper material compared to gypsum board, design experts have even concluded that your ceiling will look the same even after painting no matter the material you use. And that’s plasterboard. You’ll design a ceiling as great-looking as gypsum, and for a cheaper price. Wouldn’t you want that?

3. More comfort and energy saving

In the heat of Singapore, you’ll need the air-conditioner to cool you down. But at the same time your electricity bill is going through the roof! What if you could have a refreshing rest or sleep in your room without even increasing your electric bill quickly? You’ll feel cooler with false ceilings as the air trapped between fake and real ceilings act as an insulator. Imagine feeling more relaxed each time you use the air-con, yet paying the same price! The small room volume makes it all the more refreshing for you. If you’re staying on a high floor, you’ll sleep well even if its boiling outside.

Image Credit: Design Story

4. There are no standard heights

How would it feel to customize your ceiling height? Although false ceilings can be dropped about 6 inches for lighting features, you can acquire a taller ceiling by adjusting the drop to only 4 inches. But doing so will certainly give you lesser lighting options. So keep in mind to compromise both the height and lighting features wisely! If you stay in a HDB, it’s critical to note that the 2.4m is the minimum height from the finished floor level, so remember to check for the minimum clearance before you do any floor overlaying or false ceilings!

5. How to maintain your ceiling height and install a ceiling fan

If you’re looking to keep your room airy and cool without compromising the height of the ceiling, then use the L-Box. It ensures that the center of the ceiling doesn’t decrease at any point. And the price for an L-Box is likely to cost you around $9 pfr because the cost is calculated by per foot room (pfr)

Installing a cooling ceiling fan to relief the Singaporean heat comes at a price. And that’s the feeling of stuffiness from a lower ceiling. But with the L-Box, you can prevent your ceiling height from decreasing and that claustrophobic crammed feel in your home. Because you can install your fan on the actual ceiling and include lights on the perimeter of your space. And guess what? This doesn’t even minimize the height but creates a beautiful and spacious room!

Image Credit: Zenith Arc

6. In the wet zone

Installing wet ceilings in the wet zone like the kitchen or bathroom can also be done. But keep in mind that the materials are water-resistant before installing the ceiling to avoid ugly mold stains. Standard plasterboard is not water-resistant and it’s likely to wear off under moist environments.

7. A lower price and lesser mess to change the electrical wires

Do you hate the tiring effort to tear down and rebuilt your wall each time you need to change the wires? Dislike the horrible mess and costly price? Say goodbye to all the trouble with false ceilings. Why? Because all you need to do is cut out a part of the false ceiling, replace the wires, then seal it back. It’s that easy!

But that’s not to say for major works…like changing the air-conditioning or repairing any electric damage, you’ll still have to remove the false ceiling.

8. Uninvited guests

It’s very possible for the space above your fake ceiling to become a breeding ground for unwanted organisms like filthy rodents. Keep your family away from nasty bites or even diseases from these pests by sealing the false ceiling with installers properly. So ensure that every side and direction is sealed up to prevent any pests from entering and breeding.

Article by JoC

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