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7 Interior Design Hacks for a Spacious Condo

62sqm. This is the average area for a condo apartment. Not that impressive or large as you think. While you enjoy an upgrade in your lifestyle with private facilities and gorgeous decor, you face realistic limitations in space.

In a metropolitan city like Singapore, real estate prices are sky-high. Unless you’re a crazy rich Asian, chances are space limits apply to you. Luckily, you’re not at your wit’s end. With the right condominium interior design in Singapore, your condo can be much more spacious than you think!

Here are 7 condo interior design hacks that can ‘magically’ enlarge your living quarters.

Interior Design Hack #1: Mirrors ‘Expand’ Space

Mirrors, when placed strategically, give the illusion of extra space. Also, mirrors provide better illumination for your room when you place it near a light source.

The larger the mirror, the better the effect of illumination or expansion. However, don’t get too excited and fill your house with mirrors. It may end up too glaring and uncomfortable for the eye.

Image Credit: Design Story

Interior Design Hack #2: Design Taboo to Use Bulky Furniture

The general rule of thumb is you want to see as much of your floor as possible. Bulky furniture tends to take up a chunk of your floor space. By the time you’re done installing your furniture, there won’t be much room to walk on or floor to even see.

Hence, we always encourage selecting furniture pieces with exposed legs. Especially if it’s narrow legs. For instance, when picking a coffee table for your living room, it’s better to have a glass top with spindle legs than a chunky, antique wooden table with button legs. Remember this: the more floor space you can see the better. You won’t go wrong with this principle.

Interior Design Hack #3: Enhance Spaciousness with Light Colours

With most condo interior design in Singapore, colours are vital in the transformation. Choosing the right colours can make a world’s difference in the final outlook. Pastels and neutral colours are best for small rooms.

You can still add depth by layering colours with lighter walls and furnishings with a darker hue. The au courant tone-on-tone trend is also a popular option to explore for your condo design.

Image Credit: Design Story

Interior Design Hack #4: Peer into A Different World with Big Windows

Bigger windows work because it allows for more light into the house. Secondly, it creates the visual illusion of greater height to space. We suggest using casement or hinged windows if you’re going with this hack.

Do note that changing windows require permission from the relevant authorities. Do check with your interior designer and get their help to secure the permit.

Image Credit: Kozzi Designers

Interior Design Hack #5: An Open Concept Home

Walls are usually the cause of a cramped home. That’s why most Singaporeans opt for the open-plan layouts. It’s the most straightforward way to create space. Get kickstarted by going for an open living-cum-dining room or open kitchen concept for your condo.

This is hugely popular especially if you’re into hosting people in your home. There’ll be more space to house more guests and satisfy your extroverted needs.

Image Credit: Zenith Arc

Interior Design Hack #6: Build A Modern Home of Glass

It’s interesting to note that small condos will feature the same number of walls as their larger counterparts. You’ll come to learn with condominium interior design that some walls are unnecessary.

Here’s a radical idea. How about replacing the concrete with classy glass partitions? You can still retain your privacy with curtains. Due to its transparent attribute, glass allows light to permeate your home, giving a more spacious feel.

You can consider installing glass doors or glass furniture as alternatives. If you’ve got young children around, you can consider swapping with acrylic sheets as a safer option.

Interior Design Hack #7: Light Creates the Best Spaces

Lighting is the key to creating visual spaces in your condo. The brighter the space, the more homely and bigger it’ll feel. You won’t want to clutter your home with too many items. Items do absorb and draw away the light. It may only feel more claustrophobic in the end.

It’s good to get a healthy dose of natural light in your house. Also, invest in the right kind of artificial light especially for the night. Warm lights make your condo a cosy place to return to particularly after a day of hard work.

Don’t let your creativity be boxed by the small square footage. All you need is to get creative with the appropriate condo interior design ideas in Singapore. Get professional help to build your dream house today.

Image Credit: Design Story

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