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10 Ways to Revamp Your BTO with Interior Design

Collecting or just received your keys to your new Built-to-order (BTO)? Congrats on owning your new home! With it comes the privilege of designing your BTO the way you envision it.

Thankfully, with more grants released last year, you’ve a little more budget to splurge on a good BTO interior design in Singapore. What can you do for a 3-room BTO interior design / 4-room BTO interior design with limited flooring?

Glad you asked. Here are 10 ways recommended for a BTO interior design by our experienced interior designers. It’ll show you the endless possibilities with your space and transform your existing floor plan into something spacious and breath-taking!

1. Utilize Your Vertical Space

It’s common for people to maximise their vertical space nowadays.

You can build in bookshelves, mount your nightstands on the walls or create more compartments to store items. The implementation of these vertical elements also serves as great focal points to pull the space together.

2. Play with Different Levels within a Room

Tired of the same old? You can consider elevating the height of your bed with built-in platforms. Height enhances the room’s grandiosity. Play around with the vertical space and see what’s possible with your interior designer.

The added height also means that you can install storage drawers to store rarely used items or build a study table extension. Now you can have it all in the comfort of your bed.

3. The Illusive Drapes

Ceiling to floor curtains is best for creating the height illusion. Drape your curtains and layer them for an added dimension to the overall look. Most people may go for a white background for their homes. You can contrast it well with rich navy or maroon drapes. Finally, finish off with classic knobs or tiebacks.

4. Scale it Down

Design your BTO with a little Alice in the Wonderland twist. If you want to make something look bigger visually, use smaller items. A trick to interior design for BTO: if you’re living in a flat, use smaller furniture to complement well. Thus, creating a bigger space visually.

5. The Murphy Bed

Beds take up the most space in a room. You’ve limited movement in your own chambers. Hence, most people opt for the Murphy bed like most modern city folks. It allows you to hide your bed and creating room for recreational purposes. You can also consider a sofa bed as an alternative!

Image Credit: Zenith Arc

Image Credit: Zenith Arc

6. Open Concept

Go for the open concept look by knocking down the walls that separate the rooms. Instead of having small rooms for limited activity, you now have large communal zones for large gatherings. This goes well for owners who love hosting others or simply want a larger playing space for your kids.

Unfortunately, interior design can’t remove fixed structures like load-bearing walls, beams, columns and floor slabs. Be sure to check what are the untouchables before wrecking it up for an open concept home.

Image Credit: Zenith Arc

7. Optimise Space with All Furniture

Multi-purpose is the new modern. It’s stylish to have beds with storage compartments and wardrobes with hidden dressers. While we still need much, we don’t want our home to be cluttered with stuff lying around.

8. The Colour Sets the Tone

Dark colours tend to exude a dull and life-sucking atmosphere. Instead, try brighter colours with lighter tones to create an airy and warm home surrounding. Sometimes, less is more.

Select a single hue instead of varying colours for your entire home. Soft tones of off-white, blue and green complement with natural light to give a more spacious feel. This works well, especially for a 4-room BTO interior design.

9. Movable Walls Are In

It’s not just you. BTOs are shrinking. Interior Design for BTO allows you to transform your small spaces with the addition of movable walls. For instance, enjoy the colours of your 42” plasma living room TV from the comforts of your bed. Extra space is an option particularly for hosting guests with Chinese New Year around the corner.

10. Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a great alternative for rooms, bathrooms, and wardrobes. They take up space compared to conventional swing-out doors. Besides, it gives your home an exotic feel with a hint of American barns or oriental Japan influences.

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