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9 Unique Tactics to Create Spectacular Homes Through Wood Accents

Mother nature’s design, wood has been heavily utilized as an amazing ingredient to create a feast for the eyes.

But many struggle with using wood accents, only to create a messy jumble of wood shades, leaving them disappointed with this depressing outcome.

In short, if you’re looking for amazing design strategies to reward yourself with a glamorous home with wood accents, then read on and see what you can pick up.

1. Making a difference through differences

Enjoy vibrancy with a cozy atmosphere? Then using varying tones of wood can really make a great difference to your home. Transitioning from darker to lighter shades of wood can evoke a powerful sense of homely warmth.

2. A home for stories

Enjoy dwelling yourself in stories? Include a massive bookshelf made of fine tapered wood. A dark bold tone would go well for the bookshelf, creating a mysterious atmosphere for book lovers.

3. One material, a thousand capabilities

Wood offers a buffet of tones and shades, using it to create different atmospheres in different areas of your home is a wise choice. Include darker tones for bedrooms, instilling a warm cozy feel while filling your dining room with contrasting shades for a lively environment.

Image Credit: AgcDesign

4. Perfect home, perfect material

Feeling stuffy isn’t a good feeling. Use surrounding lights on a dark wooden floor to create a classy and spacious feel. To add the cherry on top, a light tone for the walls is suited for the vast atmosphere.

5. The right tone for the right room

Set the right atmosphere for each room through wood. Use a dark and comforting tone to set the coziness of the bedroom while a cool mixture of light and dark can be used for the bathroom. Get creative with different shades for different areas in your house.

Image Credit: The Interior Lab

6. Mother nature’s natural delights

Aside from wood, an airy spacious home that embraces natural light will be the bread and butter of using a wood accent. Wide glass windows and large spaces will allow natural sunlight, including a light tone will be the companion.

7. Great food in a great environment

A great cook needs a great kitchen. Create a homely comforting atmosphere by utilizing wooden cabinets and drawers. Aside from wood, complete your kitchen with a marble countertop to create a warm relaxing environment.

8. Hidden secrets

If you’re looking for a way to increase storage spaces without fat unsightly cabinets, then using wood accents can offer you sufficient storage that are invisible to the eye. A simple wooden platform or feature wall can house secret compartments, yet maintain a slick fun design.

9. Mix and match

Playing and matching styles of wood with different rooms can be rewarding. Such like how a mix between light and dark shades can be used for bathrooms creating a refreshing feel. Create unique combinations for walls and flooring through mixing and matching tones.

Image Credit: Zenith Arc

Article by JoC

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