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8 Ways Homeowners can Create the Perfect Japandi Interior Design

Simplicity, functionality, and beauty. The three concepts every Singaporean home like yours strives to have. Although design styles have evolved and changed to the liking of different generations, the key concepts of functional, minimal, and zen designs have remained for homes. As Gen Z looks to becoming house owners, the Japandi interior design has become a popular choice for many.

What is Japandi Interior Design?

Looking for a practical design yet with a comfortable homely vibe? Then the Japandi design is for you! Harmonious yet functional, the Japandi interior design is a mixture of Japanese and Scandinavian style. It includes the simplicity and beauty of zen interior design and coziness of Scandinavian to create the perfect friendly house.

Aside from its trendiness, here’s why the Japandi style may be suitable for you:

· Functional and practical interiors

· The simple and homely vibe from the zen design

· Slick and classiness line design

· Eco-friendly interior design

The Japandi interior design is also high on aesthetic value and is easy to maintain and achieve. With its beauty and practicality for your home, why would you not choose this design? Read below to know how you can achieve this design!

How you can create the Japandi interior for your home:

1. The right furniture for the right design

Avoid bright or contrasting colours but choose furniture with neutral tones and natural materials. Choosing the quality of the materials also matters as you wish to ensure the sustainability of your home.

2. Neutral walls for soothing vibes

It is important you choose neutral colours like cream, beige, and taupe for your walls to give that comforting feel for your home. If you wish for a little more colour, add a little contrast by choosing light blue or pale pink as colours.

3. Art and décor come in play

If you wish to add more personality and spice to a room, art and décor can come in play. Lookout for quality and craftmanship as the Japanese value them in their designs. Handmade and local art are key items you should go for if you wish to jazz up your room and achieve the Japandi design.

4. Patterns make it better

Harmony is one the key themes of the Japandi design. Achieving a harmonious blend in design elements is an essential part of the design which can bring out the sooth feel in your home. An example is how curves can be balanced with straight lines to bring out that harmonious feel.

5. Natural beauty

Plants do help as a form of aesthetics in your room. Choose hanging plants like banzai, or bamboo, to achieve the cozy feel of the zen design.

6. Declutter

Simplicity is a key factor of the Japandi style. So discarding what you don’t need is best to achieve the design. Furthermore, living in a clutter free house is best for the comfort of your family too.

7. Contrast

To spice things up, add a bit of black in the neutral shades to create some pretty contrast. The colours grey and black are suitable to create a strong yet comforting feel when put together with the neutral shades.

8. Functionality and aesthetics

Avoid compromising your comfort for style. Choose durable and sustainable elements to fit into your home. If you follow the idea of merging comfort and practicality together, it’s one step closer to achieving the Japandi design.

Enjoyed the 8 tips? Now you have your guidebook on how to get that signature Japandi style!

Article by JoC

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