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8 Insanely Trendy Interior Designs in 2021 That You Might Like

2021. A year we are all looking forward to. To escape from 2020, a year infested with the Covid-19 virus, ruined gatherings and loss of jobs.

You might have spent most of your time working from home and have understood the importance of working, living and eating in a well-designed environment.

With the year coming to an end, we look forward to a bright wonderful 2021 and have offered this article on the 8 most trendy interior designs we predict in 2021.

In short, if you’re currently renovating the interior of your home, then these are 8 insanely trendy interior designs in 2021 that you might like.

Open plans and intimate nooks for comfort

The concept of living in a house with an open plan design promises an airy, spacious and non-claustrophobic living environment.

With most of us seeing familiar faces regularly in our everyday lives, it is normal for many of us to seek privacy away from nosy family members.

This design can promise you sufficient privacy and a clutter free environment.

Choosing a theme is also wise, walls and ceiling can be painted with different tones of yellow or grey to create the perfect atmosphere.

To add on, you can also install cozy and comfortable nooks that can give you personal time and privacy from the noisy outside world.

Image Credit: The Interior Lab

Image Credit: Zenith Arc

One room, multiple uses

Finding it troublesome to walk from your working desk, to the dining room, to the bedroom, and finally repeat?

Multi-purpose spaces are predicted to be on the rise in 2021. Bedrooms and working corners can be combined to give you a convenient power nap with the dining room and kitchen an individual collective.

Invest in modern furniture that is simple to move around and yet suitable to be used in different spaces.

Authentic hideaway carpentry is also another amazing add on by offering you multiple drawers or storage compartments.

You can make the most out of every area in your house without accumulating an unsightly clutter.

Image Credit: Zenith Arc

Image Credit: Zenith Arc

My home, my office

With the rise of working from home sessions, the home has been used as the office at times. If you’re looking for a conducive yet stress-free environment for you to concentrate on work, then this design is specially for you.

Ensure that there is sufficient storage like wooden cabinets to promise you a cluster-free and less crammed working environment so that you can be productive at work.

Keeping common distractions like the TV, bed, or even the kitchen out of sight is critical to having a home office design.

To add the cherry on top, investing in simple and ambient lights will really make your home glow with a cozy atmosphere for working.

White and light yellow lights are most recommended as they have been proven to boost productivity and increase focus.

Image Credit: Zenith Arc

My room gives me what I love

During lockdown have you ever felt compelled to go back to dance class? Have a good game or soccer? Or simply sit down in the peaceful library to enjoy a novel?

With hobby rooms, this is all possible. Libraries, home gyms, or home bars can be installed in your home.

Image Credit: The Interior Lab

Smart city, smart house

Sci-fi fan? Or are you simply tech savvy?

We predict that smart homes will be on the trend in 2021 for homeowners are making their homes smarter. From automated lights that instantly brighten the house with a warm glow, to voice automated fans or even finger recognition locks to ensure security.

A convenient living environment is always beneficial to our hectic lives.

Firstly, voice automated fans, TVs or even stoves can prove safer for us. We minimize contact with surfaces and thus minimizes the chances of us getting infected with virus.

It also sets a futuristic and comforting environment where you can control your house verbally.

Additionally, you can consider installing finger or face recognition locks to promise maximum security for you and your family.

Collapse of Muji, rise of wabi sabi

From the rising sun in the east, vibrant designs have risen from the samurai era.

Wabi Sabi, a Japanese design with the concept of discovering beauty in imperfection.

The Wabi Sabi design, inclusive of natural elements as household décor like wooden chairs, potted plants, or even stone tables. Integrating flora like flowers is also a part of the Wabi Sabi design, for the natural elements like soil and stone reflect the design’s concept of authenticity.

This unique design which embraces authenticity and beauty in imperfections has slowly risen in trend compared to the Muji design, a design favoring slick and aesthetic environments.

Image Credit: Brosa Design

Wes Anderson’s unique set design

This American filmmaker became the accidental icon of interior designing. For you movie fanatics, you would be familiar with Wes Anderson’s use of colors and patterns to create a theme.

Choosing a wallpaper or furniture with rich colors that compliment each other is a crucial part of this design. Consider getting a comfy sofa with unique and bold patterns to turn your home into a feast for the eyes. The director also enjoys utilizing symmetrical layouts and curves in wallpapers, furniture or even household structures to create a slick yet fun atmosphere for you.

Image Credit: Home & Decor

Image Credit: Home & Decor

Creativity and innovation

Homeowners have taken the effort to invest in custom made furniture to stand out among the crowd. Custom and authentic furniture are trending and spreading from one household to another like wild fire.

Creating a home based on personal likes and needs is certainly satisfying, for your choices are not restricted to what’s in the store. At the same time, homeowners like you can tweak or make changes to their furniture and thus create more space at home.

Article by JoC

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