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7 Outstanding Ways to Divide Your Wet and Dry Kitchen While Remaining Stylish

Amazing food, great cooking, slick steady equipment, and amazing designs.

Dividing the wet and dry kitchen is a great strategy to make the best out of both kitchens.

With heavy cooking sessions like deep frying in the wet kitchen to warm baking in the dry kitchen, dividing your kitchen will help you to organize your cooking sessions.

Dividing the wet and dry kitchen will keep the grease and oil splatter in the wet kitchen and prevent unsightly stains, ugly marks, or even any foul smells out of your dry kitchen.

Find out how you can divide your wet and dry kitchen while still maintain a spectacular look to your home!

1. A transparent divider

Long stretchy kitchens are worth dividing them into wet and dry, but if you hate obstructing walls that create a stuffy vibe then include a sliding glass door. A glass door is effective in dividing both sides without taking up much space and time, at the same time it is also easily accessible.

Using white walls and ceilings for the kitchen will create a vast and comforting environment to cook in. Including a wall-mounted fan in the wet kitchen can relief the kitchen of fumes and the heat especially when heavy cooking sessions are in place.

Image Credit: My Design

2. Contrasting looks for contrasting kitchens

If you’re a person that enjoys uniqueness and liveliness, then feel free to design both sides of the kitchen differently. Include patterned or vibrantly colored tiles for the wet kitchen to spark an atmosphere of excitement for intense cooking sessions, while including lighter shades of wood for the dry kitchen.

Image Credit: AgcDesign

3. Easy, convenient, impressive

Are you a person that dislikes troublesome task or stuffy environments? Then a bi-fold glass divider might be the answer to you. Keep your dry kitchen a comfortable place to be in, free of grease or fumes from the wet kitchen by unfolding the divider.

Feeling stuffy? Simply fold it to allow a cool and spacious atmosphere

It’s foldable nature will also make it easy to scrub or clean without struggling to reach small gaps.

4. No space, no problem

It’s not always necessary to have extra space in your dry kitchen, installing wooden cabinets and open shelves will provide more storage for you while creating a homely atmosphere in the kitchen. Choosing wooden shelves with different shades of brown can also reward you with a modern yet comforting environment. The wet kitchen can be set behind a sliding glass door.

5. Two cookers for two kitchens

Apart from the different styles of cooking and food prepared in the two different kitchens, a gas cooker for the wet kitchen and an induction cooker for the dry kitchen is suitable.

Doing so, this will allow you to prepare the right meal, in the right kitchen, the right way.

If you dislike physical division methods like glass doors or concrete walls, then making an obvious separation through using contrasting tile colors is suitable for you.

6. Merger of dining table

Using transitional floor tiles and a dining room as the border between the wet and dry kitchen can create a fun vibe.

Constructing a large table, taller than the counters with a dark wooden base will be a clear and slick method to distinguish between the wet and dry kitchen.

7. Scheme and Theme

Having consistency in the color and theme of your wet and dry kitchen can keep both kitchens connected.

And if you’re looking to still establish a division of both, then include a marble or wooden dining table in the dry kitchen. Classy cabinets with a dark bold color for storing utensils and kitchen wear will come into handy. The wet kitchen can be situated behind a wall with a darker shade compared to the dry kitchen to create a grand and sassy environment.

Image Credit: Dots 'N' Tots Interior

Article by JoC

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