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7 Must-Know Strategies to Maintain Your Newly-Renovated Abode with Ease

Just received the keys to your new home? It always feels exciting when you get the keys to your new home.

Finally, your dream home is complete after months of renovation!

But have you prepared for what’s to come?

How do you maintain your new home without much hustle?

78.4% of homeowners are unsure of these strategies, which is mainly the reason why maintaining newly-renovated homes are such a pain.

You won’t be facing frustrations, sticky situations, or disappointments once you’ve read through these 7 highly effective strategies!

1. No fungi allowed

Asthma, coughing, runny nose, respiratory issues…The list goes on.

Mildew is the infamous culprit behind this. It’s also a stubborn fella because it leaves ugly stains on your bathroom walls and ceilings. Furthermore, this sneaky criminal develops into mold if left unchecked.

So, reduce stagnant water on the walls and floors because moisture and heat are reasons for fast Mildew growth.

Your solution

Consider a mildew resistant paint for walls and ceilings, mildew resistant grout for bathroom tiles also prevents growth between the tiles. Ventilating your bathroom with a fan also keeps the bathroom cooler and drier so it doesn’t get stuffy for Mildew to enjoy.

Avoiding shower-niches means avoiding damper and darker places for Mildew growth. And if you plan to build floating shelves, drill holes so the draining of water can keep it dry.

2. One direction

Inside or outside? Which way should your shower door swing? Choose wisely.

Normally, it would depend on the layout of your bathroom. But we’re here with the most practical option.

Inwards. But why?

Swinging inwards means the floor will be less slippery because the dripping shower door won’t be touching it as much. It makes the floor easy to maintain and safer, especially for the older folks in your home.

Your solution

We would recommend getting a door that seamless shower door so it swings both ways. But if your home includes a preinstalled door that only swings out, then consider choosing a door that swings out.

Image Credit: Zenith Arc

3. No more Bon Appétit

Would you want to prepare hearty meals in a kitchen with ugly stains and unsightly oil greases?

Ensuring that your kitchen walls are grease and stain resistance is an essential, so you avoid putting people off. Using durable paint makes it easy to clean because you won’t risk fading the paint. In short, you’ll save a lot of money, effort, time, and frustrations! So use durable paint to reduce the hustle of cleaning off stains and greases.

Your solution

When choosing paint, avoid making poor decisions as stains and greases will show up easily on the wrong type of paint. In fact, the best durable paints should come with a grease-proof formula, it’ll be able to withstand hard scrubbing so you get can those stubborn stains away.

And at the same time, you’ll still have a sparkling sleek kitchen to carry out your cooking. Keep a lookout for labels like ‘Wash and Wear’ for Delux paint or ‘Easy wash’ for Nippon paint when choosing.

4. The right structure

Porous and non-undermount sink: Results in many stains and makes it difficult to clean the countertop.

Undermount sink: Cleaning is a breeze and it’s easy to maintain it.

This is why you should avoid using drop-in, top-mount, and self-rimming sinks. Furthermore, the protruding rinks obstruct you when you sweep the dirt from the countertop into the sink. Additionally, these protruding rinks also need to be cleaned which adds to your workload. The material used for the sink also matters, because a porous material will make it a huge hustle you remove stains.

Your solution

Looking to finish your cleaning within seconds without much difficulty?

Then use undermount sink designs, because you can easily sweep the dirt from the countertop into the sink. Choosing durable materials like stainless steel can mean a stain free, bacteria free, and corrosion resistance sink. It will really reduce the workload of cleaning the kitchen.

Image Credit: Shopee

5. Keeping the invisible intruders out

Do you find it frustrating to find layers of dust on furniture? Drafty windows and doors are the ones to blame. Dust usually enters through these drafty spaces like small cracks, in the form or pollen and other air pollutants.

Additionally, drafty windows and doors also leads to longer cooling down time. Basically, air conditioners will take a longer period of time to cool your home down because of these drafty areas.

Your solution

Door and window seals are effective in sealing up small cracks for dust to enter. Rubber or plastic edge strips with U or P shapes are suitable for sealing up the tiny openings. Usually, these edge and seal strips include self-adhesive backing which makes it very easy to be removed. Furthermore, edging strips are durable because of the supporting internal steel wires. So you won’t have to worry about replacing it regularly.

6. The Balcony Blockade

It isn’t a pretty waking up to dead leaves, insects, and debris scattered all around your balcony. Cigarette buds, waste paper, or litter might be thrown on your balcony from inconsiderate neighbors. Your balcony is vulnerable to being littered with dust and debris. So what’s the solution?

Your solution

Enclosed track-guided outdoor blinds like Ziptrack can provide your balcony effective cover from dust and debris.

Whether rain or shine, outdoor blinds can protect your balcony from accumulating dirt. Pesky insects and annoying pests will also be rejected from entry with the use of the outdoor blinds.

Image Credit: Wihardja

7. Medicine for your windows and glass surfaces. (Hydrophilic, Hydrophobic or Oleophobic treatment for easier cleaning)

One of the best ways to reduce the hustle of scrubbing your windows would be to install self-cleaning technology.

An example would be the hydrophilic coating, it uses the weather elements like the rain water and Ultraviolet rays to keep your window clean for a longer time, also making cleaning easier if you have to.

How so? The UV lights break down the dirt through oxidization by the hydroxyl radicals produced, eventually making the dirt easily washed away by rain water.

Unfortunately, a solution as practical and effective as this is only available for commercial buildings.

So how about you?

Your solution

Similar water-repelling products like Hydrophobic and Oleophobic coating can be used instead.

It uses silicon dioxide, which makes the water droplets slide off. So you won’t have to worry about getting a window with ugly water stains and dirt.

Article by JoC

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