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6 Tips For Getting The Most Out of Your Small Space

With homes getting smaller, you have to become more creative and think out of the box when it comes to designing your space. Just because you have a tinier floor plan doesn’t mean you have to live small. From the bedroom to the kitchen, we’ve got the lowdown on the smartest, niftiest ways to create more space in a small apartment:​Whether you live in an apartment, condo, studio or a tiny house, transforming your small space into a beautifully functional place to live is possible thanks to versatile solutions that perfectly fit your lifestyle. Here are some of our pro tips for getting the most out of your tiny abode and start mastering the art of living large in a small space.

Tip #1 – Zoning

Stealth bookcase A great way to make a small space feel larger is to create areas where specific activities such as resting, eating, working or entertaining happen. One simple way of achieving this is with area rugs. Visually they can do wonders in anchoring a seating area or creating a separate feel for each living zone without actually dividing the space with walls. They also have the added benefit of creating a warm and cozy vibe to your space. Using a bookcase as a room divider is another great way to create visual cues within a single room while providing space for decorative storage baskets, lighting and other objects.

Tip #2 – Storage Everywhere

This tip may seem like obvious, but it’s the most important! Even if your rooms are small, it’s important dedicate a lot of space to storage. Be creative! Try installing a series of floating shelves in unused corners or above door frames (be sure to drill into studs or use metal anchors when doing this, think safety first). Multi-functional furniture such as sofas and beds with cleverly hidden drawers and compartments provide storage for bed linens, off-season clothing and other items such as cushions when not in use. When space is at premium, it’s wise to take advantage of every opportunity for added storage.

Tip #3 – The Magic of Mirrors

It’s a well-known fact, a large floor length mirror in the entryway or bedroom will magnify the surrounding light and is a practical way to make your room seem larger and brighter! Other reflective objects such as mirrored lampshades and furniture in chrome, aluminum or steel will also help accentuate the brightness of your small space, especially if it’s painted white. The important thing here is to not overdo it! (see tip #4)​

Tip #4 – Free Up Some Visual Space

Glass and plexiglas are also a great choice when choosing coffee tables, consoles and other living room tables (like these nesting tables) and help create a light and airy feel. Continuity in colour, shape and material also helps to limit visual chaos and creates harmony with permanent elements such as kitchen counters and cabinetry. Conversely, try counter balancing this with a strong statement wall in a contrasting colour such as black or navy, this will add dimension and depth to your room, making it feel cozy and well-grounded.

Tip #5 – Go Green

Indoor plants bring life and joy to any interior space, however making the right choice is not always easy, especially when space is limited. Hanging spider plants are a classic, easy to care for choice, but other options such tall plants like banana leaf & bird of paradise plants are a wonderfully low maintenance way to introduce greenery into your home without taking up precious living space. You can even create an urban jungle with succulents in pretty pots on shelves or on a bench near a window!

Tip #6 – Keep It Light

Small spaces are no place for clutter! Even in a larger home, scattered trinkets and other items can quickly feel overwhelming and accumulate dust. Try creating mini collections of cherished items such as travel souvenirs, beautiful books or family photos in very concise and specific areas, such as a desk or a console table. This way, each item will have its designated area and contribute to creating a living space that is warm, inviting and truly yours.

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