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6 Secrets on How You’ll Lead a Healthy Happy Life with Just Your Home Interior Design

A happy, healthy, and joyful life doesn’t need exciting parties, fame, money, or even the latest I-phones!

What if you could lead a contended happy life filled with just the way you design your condo or HDB?

Your emotional health, mental state, and mindset is reliant on the design choices you make. Positivity and even harmony between couples can be improved by making the right design choices.

Do you want to wake up happy every day? Want to discover these 6 secrets on how you’ll lead a happy loving life with just your home interior design? Then keep reading to find out!

1. Organizing your life

Are you struggling to relax even after work? If you find it difficult to clear your mind of thoughts and worries, this might be the reason.

Keeping your house organized can relax your mind as messy unorganized environments can weigh you down and activate your stress hormones. You and your family will feel more joyful and lesser arguments will happen! So if you want to free your mind from stressful thoughts and keep your family smiling and cheerful, then a neat organized home is your solution.

You can keep your home free of clutter with custom build-ins that save space and store items. It’s a perfect choice for smaller HDBs.

Image Credit: Ideas Xchange

2. A comfy habitat

Here’s a simple but effective way to ensure that you’re living in a comfy cozy house with a homely feel.

And that’s by prioritizing comfort over aesthetics.


If you wish to find comfort and warmth in your home, then prioritize your comfort life over impressing others with your home. Because your well-being and comfort matters more than making others go ‘wow’. Heading back home after a hectic day is one of the most enjoyable things, so make sure you can truly unwind and relax at home. Focus on making a comfortable and suitable environment for you to live well in in your design layout.

3. Live and think better

You work, live, and think better when you’re happy. A positive environment can increase your productivity and thought process. Your creativity will be blocked in a negative uncomfortable environment, and you just might become an unproductive slump. If you’re looking to accomplish more, let your creativity flow simply by changing decorations, layouts, or colors!

Consider nature plants and flowers to uplift your mood. Wall colors like green or blue are superb for creating a soothing atmosphere and a productive healthy mind. You can also relax your mind and boost your creativity with comfortable ergonomically-designed furniture.

Image Credit: Zenith Arc

4. Maximize space for enjoyment

Use every inch in your home wisely. You can create your dream life within your home just by using space wisely!

Like socializing and joyful gatherings? A large dining table or a massive comfy couch can be suitable for you! Game areas, or home gyms can also be considered to let you be yourself. After all, this is your home and your life!

Image Credit: Zenith Arc

5. Enhances your emotions and moods

Another way to build a positive cozy haven is with colors. Colors like green and blue can evoke a relaxing peaceful feel, or if you’re a creative fun-loving person, consider yellow and other bright colors!

Having a well-lit room also helps uplift your emotions and releases you of any pressure. You’ll feel happier every day with more windows and sufficient sunlight in your home. It feels so much better then waking up to a gloomy house every day. Choosing to bath your rooms in natural sunlight also lifts your mood up and makes you feel refreshed. And consider complimenting artificial lights in rooms where you spent most time in. Dining and living rooms are a great spot to do so, it gives your home good vibes.

Image Credit: Zenith Arc

6. A design that suits your personal taste and reflects your personality

This is the best way to feel alive and comfortable in your home. And that’s to be you. Design your home with your personality and express yourself.

Consider working with an interior designer and turn your house into your home! Whether you like minimalism, Scandinavian, Industrial, or Futuristic, it’s yours to control! Design a home that’s uniquely you and one that you personally fall in love with.

Although you might choose to decorate your home with your personal likings, keep in mind to prioritize your comfort and convenience first.

Article by JoC

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