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5 Most Popular Designs in Singapore to ‘Wow’ Your Guests

You’re preparing for a wonderful dinner. You’re terribly excited that finally your friends and relatives will be seeing your brand new house. You’ve spent time, effort, and money to create a homely feel with a spectacular design.

And just when they arrive, you watch their eyes pop and their jaws drop. Everyone questions you how you designed your home so well. Well that’s because you followed these 5 popular home interior designs in Singapore. With new trends and unique styles, you’ll learn how you can apply these designs well in ways you might not even know about!

So keep on reading!


The concept of ‘less is more’ is exploding on the internet. Many homeowners have considered using the minimalistic style to create an elegant and comfortable feel.

You know what’s the great thing about this style? It not only gives you a more spacious and refreshing feel, but an aesthetic look! It suits smaller apartments very well. Landed properties are also a great spot for minimalistic designs because you get to play around with the space to create a vast yet stunning look of your home.

Have a massive living room? A spacious kitchen? Having a large space allows you to include elements without easily breaking the theme unlike homeowners with smaller homes. So installing a fancy painting or lighting feature won’t destroy the theme of the room but create an aesthetic feel. If you’re looking for a clear relaxing vibe in your home, then the minimalistic theme is your solution.

Image Credit: Zenith Arc


A rugged design that gives your home a sassy and unique feel. The industrial design embraces the concept of contrasting features. With a combination of ‘unfinished’ industrial-aged features with the modern style, it creates a striking and bold design.

Originating from making a warehouse or factory a cozy home, style has similarities to the look of a bare building. Exposed pipes and raw brick walls are some of the most common features of the industrial design. Dark colors alongside with gritty material like metal or iron are used to get that industrial feel in the home.

Like it’s minimalistic cousin, the industrial design focuses on open-plan living. So if you’re hoping to have an open-plan style, then consider trying the industrial design. Who knows, you just might like it! And especially for landed properties, and open-plan concept creates simplicity and beauty simultaneously!

Image Credit: The Interior Lab


Like wild and exciting feels? Then the eclectic design is perfect for you! With a mixture of different tones, styles, and colors from various times and even cultures, it creates a unique and exciting vibe in your home.

But the eclectic style isn’t just about throwing everything together! Homes with this design are carefully planned, so you’ll get matching colors with that look striking or well together. Basically, it’s a fun combination that flows comfortably well together. And it’s also one of the main reasons why it’s difficult to replicate

But difficult isn’t impossible. Getting best and experienced interior designers can give you a fluid and unique look to your home with this style.

And if you do have a large area, it’s your chance to play around with darker colors. Why? Because you won’t suffer from the illusion of being in a claustrophobic room. In short, you’ll have a buffet of opportunities to try out different unique styles because you won’t need to worry about greatly limiting your space.

Image Credit: Hayneedle


Simple, warm, practical, and of course, aesthetics. Affiliated with nature, expect Scandinavian homes to have a dressing of sunlight often. Bright, spacious, and rooms with massive windows for sunlight is a key feature of the Scandinavian design!

You’ll have a relaxing and warm coziness vibe in a Scandinavian design home because of the soft tones like woody accents that are included.

Remember how coziness is also a feel you’ll get in a Scandinavian home? The style incorporates rounder and softer ornaments as compared to the ruggedness of the industrial design to give you a comforting and cozy vibe.

A large amount of windows and floor space incorporates the sunlight to give you a classy and care-free feel. And don’t forget to elevate the Scandinavian theme with wooden furniture!

Image Credit: Design Story


Ever heard of the huge debate? It’s a common topic that many homeowners talk about. What’s the difference between modern and contemporary designs? Well, modern designs were popular in the 20th century, while contemporary are the attention now.

Darker shades and hues, artistic décor, and futuristic tones are just one of the many things that a contemporary design has. Feel free to express your creativity and decorate your home as you wish with your own unique contemporary style!

Image Credit: Zenith Arc

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