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5 Important Features for a Home That Lovebirds Need

Marriage is a beautiful thing. You’ve pledged to love each other till death, and have an unbreakable bond between each other. But are you familiar that most couples often face conflicts and arguments upon living together?

Just by following these 5 crucial but simple features, you’ll have a loving household with you and your partner. So read on to discover these 5 important features to create a home that matters to your loving marriage.

A space for privacy

Breakout areas: It’s enjoyable to mingle together as a couple, but everyone needs some alone time. Including breakout areas within your communal spots in the household is wise. A cozy reading nook or a comfortable seat by the window could provide privacy for you or your partner to be alone. Especially if you’re going for an open concept, then breakout areas are essential.

Invisible walls: Having multiple private rooms with glass dividers can offer sufficient privacy while still having a feel of connection with your partner at the same time. Including glass dividers to separate various parts of the room will bring you some personal time but give you vision of your partner.

Image Credit: Zenith Arc

Cooking space

Countertop space: Do you and your partner both enjoy preparing amazing meals? Having a spacious kitchen countertop so both parties can prepare simultaneously is essential. So you won’t be competing with each other for space. A wet/dry kitchen or kitchen island layout can be functionable. Consider a gallery layout so you can work hand in hand like husband and wife.

Double it up: Two sinks, two ovens, or even an additional hob can be a way to bring sufficient space for you and your partner. No more waiting or competing for the kitchen. The two of you can fry, bake, and steam together without any conflict or arguments.

Accessibility: Ensuring you have sufficient space between the sink, hob, and refrigerator will reduce the stuffy atmosphere while working together in the kitchen. Additionally, regularly used items like pots and pans can also be stored at an easily spotted and accessible place.

Image Credit: Dots 'N' Tots Interior

Work from home

Separate jobs: Looking to have a home officer? Make sure that you and your partner have your own workspace. If you use a desk, separate both of your workspaces with communal items like printers. Consider using opposite ends of the desk to avoid competing for working space.

Image Credit: Zenith Arc

Bathroom sharing

A sink outside: Placing the sink outside shower or toilet areas allows both partners to use the bathroom simultaneously. Forget about races in the morning to use the bathroom on weekdays. Consider dual sinks if you have the budget and space.

Shower and tub: Shower or bathtub? Getting both will allow two of you to shower simultaneously without competing for only one shower every day.

Image Credit: Ideas Xchange

Sleeping well matters

Custom mattress: Want a peaceful night rest with your soulmate? Consider a mattress that allows you to tailor both sides of the bed to suit your liking. Level of firmness and mattress type (Latex, or memory foam) can be customized. Also, getting a mattress capable of isolating motion will prevent those sleepless nights where your partner tosses and turns.

Do not disturb: We all hate it when our partner snaps us out of that peaceful sleep when they’re getting ready for work. Consider a walk-in wardrobe so the dressing table and closet will be further away from the bed. That way, you can dress up without pulling your partner out from the dream world. Furthermore, walk-in wardrobes are not space consuming. A small bedroom can easily fit a walk-in wardrobe.

Image Credit: Zenith Arc

Article by JoC

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