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Free Consultation with Our Reno Specialist

Reno Advisor

Collecting keys to your new home or planning to refresh the look of your existing house? You have many pre-reno questions you would want answers before meeting the first designer?

Questions like :

~How do I find reliable and trusted designers?
~How to curate a realistic budget for my reno based on my needs?

~What are the pitfalls and things I should look out for in my reno?
~What are the different solution and material options I should consider?


Sign up and speak to our experienced consultant 1 on 1 to provide you the answers to these questions. Best of all, this is a free service to you. So sign up now

Get the Right Designer

Not all design firms are the same. Where and how do I find a trusted and proven designer to work with


Curate the Correct Budget 

What kind of budget should I prepare for my reno? Is this a realistic budget base on the things I wanted? We will help you work out your budget


Explore design and material options

There are many different ways to address a reno problem. How do I explore the various options in implementation and material


What Pitfalls to Avoid

Learn what are the common pitfalls to avoid during renovation. This will help you to have a smoother reno journey!

Pre-Consultation Information

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Our consultant will contact you shortly after you submit this request. Do ensure that your contact details above are correct.



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Meet Selected Interior Designers

We will recommend you our Best Interior Designers based on your Budget & Style 

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