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7 tips to find the most suitable interior design style for yourself in 2023

To live in a comfortable home, aesthetics and practicality come together.

Hence avoid making this mistake that most homeowners do: following a trend blindly without any personal style. It is important to furnish and design your house to reflect your personal style, needs and preferences for a comfortable home that you and your family will be happy with.

With many interior design styles, colour themes and furniture pieces trending in 2023, these 9 tips will guide you on how you can select a practical and aesthetic design style to suit your home.

1. Look out for inspiration

Aside from the latest trends and designs, look out for inspiration and other doable design examples on the internet. Sites like Pinterest and Reddit offer images and other inspirations for unique design styles you can consider. Consider visiting a friend or relative’s house for some insight on how the designing process went for an idea and how you can do the same for your home.

2. Find the correct combinations

Remember to always look at your colour combinations, space and furniture placement to decide on your design style. Consider how you want your lighting to be, the kind of vibe you want and how you want your furniture to stand out. Being aware of how you want your space to be gives you a clear direction for your design plans. Doing so also prevents any costly regrets or long disruptions in your renovation.

3. Choose what you love

Choose what you and your family love. Pick the right style, furniture, and design that everyone appreciates and love. Take the time to discuss what you and your family would like in your home to avoid any regrets or misconceptions later on. Consider creating Pinterest board on some photos to share with your loved ones.

4. Budgeting saves lives

Before heading off to your interior design firm, set a budget plan beforehand to avoid overspending. List and consider your furniture and design options so you will be spending on the most necessary things first. Take the time to search up online for cheaper options for design styles or furniture so you can spend more on beautifying your home later on.

5. Reuse and recycle

Work with what you have and make the most. Sometimes the current furniture and design styles can complement your newer designs. Have fun trying to mix and match between the old and new to create unique styles that you feel comfortable in. Do consider upgrading or refurbishing wardrobes and other furniture that you wish to keep.

6. Focal pieces

Sofas, bed frames, and even your dining table all play a strong part in making your home stand out. Before purchasing, think if you want your furniture to blend in well or stand out well with a nice contrast. Take for example, if you’re looking for a classy stylish vibe, then go with black or darker furniture. Lighter furniture like a white sofa gives off a more relaxing and minimalistic feel instead. Understanding what you want keeps you from spending more than required or feeling frustrated during your design process.

7. Don’t be afraid

Design has no restrictions and no limits. Your home belongs to you and your loved ones, so be confident to express your unique style all you want. Take your time to discuss and share among your family members to come up with something everyone is comfortable and happy at.

Article by JoC

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