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Idfferent Design


About Idfferent Design

Our company is pronounced as Different (Idfferent) and is founded in 2019 by two aspiring designers. We have strategically inversed the “I” and the “D” as “ID” represents Interior Design, which is the heart of our company.

Idfferent Design hopes to provide a truly unique user experience that breaks and challenges the traditional norm in our industry. To us, your renovation journey is just the beginning of a brewing friendship that will accompany you through time, and not just a regular one-off service.

Our creative team is committed to create a bespoke renovation experience by providing comprehensive design services down to a T. We have made our mission to create beautifully crafted and refined interior that speaks and reflects your heart desires.

We believe that cultivating a genuine friendship with everyone is the key to creating an environment of candour and sincerity. We will be your trusted friend that will guide you through the intricacy of renovation.

Not just your regular designers

722B Geylang Road Singapore 389633

Tel: 9092 3314

Projects by Idfferent Design

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