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Uniqueness and positive vibes in Your Household with The Eclectic Style

Do you enjoy diversity in design? One proven way you can decorate your home with diverity and uniqueness is The Eclectic Style. If you truly enjoy dynamic household designs, The Eclectic Style is the way to go. Simply by mixing opposite styles, contrasting tones, and textures.


Having a trusted interior designer company is crucial, because this style involves experimenting on design concepts. So a professional can ensure you what works and what doesn’t. The Eclectic Style requires the right amount of creativity and balance for it to work, or the result will be a disappointing ugly mess of colors. But luckily, we’ve summed up the 6 highly effective secrets for you to create the Eclectic space you desire.

Image Source: Decor Aid

Choosing Core Colours


If you want a cohesive smooth look throughout your home, then choosing your core colours are essential. Choose a neutral and accent colour for a start. Consider calm neutral colours so the room will have a more relaxing and peaceful tone. Perfect for a rest after a stressful day at work.


Enjoy a little more energy and excitement? The accent colour compliments the neutral one by giving the room a refreshing and uplifting atmosphere. Feel free to add on to your colour choice, but having two colours as your base will guide you on what to further build on afterwards.

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Image Source: Hayneedle

Simple Wall Choices


Overwhelming your guests and giving yourself a visual headache should be avoided. So avoid choosing anything too complex for the walls. A simple straightforward wallpaper with neutral colors would be perfect, because a complicated one with multiple tones and colors might steal all the attention from other areas of your house.


Additionally, interesting accessories like photos or décor stands out better in a neutral wall compared to a complicated one. But if you think your walls should remain in a boring white color, then consider choosing darker shades to add some warm homely feel in your household without being too attention drawing.

Pretty Patterns


It’s your home, so express yourself freely without shame! Expressive and unique patterns can be a great tool for you to showcase your personal favorite style. Consider creating you own unique patterns for rugs and sofa pillows.


Furthermore, using your two core colours can help you choose similar tones. It helps you to blend the colors together nicely while allowing you to test out new combinations. Play around with contrasting elements to finally create the unique pattern that fits your liking and relates to you personally. Eventually, you’ll have a home that truly resonated with you personally.

Play with Textures


Aside from patterns, another way you can add depth and style to your home is through textures. The Eclectic style aims to provide a feast for the eyes, so choosing different textures can appear inviting or attractive to the eye. Consider combining furniture of contrasting textures, like a classy vase with a rough wooden table to create a striking and unique feel.

An Artistic Home


To add in the positive good vibes, consider mixing and matching art works and style frames to create an eye-catching visual. Every room should consist of a vibrant unique design to impress your guests and add a cheery mood to everyone. Gallery walls also serve as a good feature to guide the eyes of your guests along the room as they admire the wall.


Mix and match different art pieces, colours, and elements together to create an eye-catching or impressive eclectic style. Worried about the budget? If you intend to spend within your budget, consider purchasing frames from second hand stores to customize them on your own. You’ll be having fun by letting your creativity run.


Image Source: Hayneedle

The Center of Attention


To avoid awkward silent moments with your guests, consider choosing a statement object in every room. Choose a bold and unique object which makes guests go ‘wow!’. However, limit the statement object to only one or two per room, so you won’t split the attention of your guests into multiple things. Filling your home with multiple statement objects can overwhelm your guests.

One or two statement objects should be able to break the ice between your guests and get the ball rolling.

Create a House that Appeals to You Personally


The Eclectic Style is nonetheless proven to create home designs that are exclusive to other styles. You’re in complete control of your design, which means you’ll have the freedom to express your preference and personal style through your home. If you wish to own a home that resonates to you strongly, The Eclectic Style is the way to go.


Image Source: Hayneedle

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