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HIP Design Studio

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About HIP Design Studio

Entrust your space with any of our designers, 

the crème de la crème of exquisite interiors. 


With umpteen years of experience and knowledge in the industry, without a doubt, from paper to the final execution, we are able to provide the highest form of satisfaction to our clients.

The essence of creating each individual home on both spectrums,

simple to intricate, are outcomes we thrive on.


Alongside our team of designers, we have a large team of experienced trustable partners who provide their utmost, complementing our on-site projects.


Why us? As you may question. Our answer? You name it, we do it. With ample selections and possibilities, you will never run out of ideas for your dream home.

194 Kim Keat Ave #01-410


Tel: 6931 3333

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